Re: openSUSE 10.3 Updater error: Please help

rivenought <> wrote:
akarui.tomodachi@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
It started all in a sudden.
Toda (Novemver 16, 2007), when I started openSUSE 10.3, everything was
openSUSE updater application asked me to download some available
updates and I started the updater (as a root).
But it gave me error message as below:

"Can't launch zypp-checkpatches-wrapper helper program. Make sure
zypper package is installed and working."

According to the suggestion, I attempted to install "zypper" package
from YAST (Software->Software Management).
But, once I click on the "Software Management" icon, an "xmessage"
windows pop up with the following error message:

"Error loading language plugin /usr/lib/YaST2/plugin/ canot open shared object file: No
such file or directory No such client module sw_single

Run 'yast2 -h' for help on usage"

Note that, my openSUSE 10.3 is up-to-date, because I always install
the available updates everyday.

Here is one fix from Dave Thorp via the and the Novell
Bugzilla. It worked for me, but I had to choose the 64-bit versions
of the packages instead of the 32-bit ones. I hope this helps.

Slightly clearer instructions that I've just posted on the bugzilla

Ok to solve (for anyone still desperate to get package management back)

Go to and
pick up the following three packages and save them to their own folder
(all 3
packages in one folder) (libzypp) (boost) (zypper)

Open a shell and su to root

cd to the folder you put them in

rpm -e boost-1.33.1-108.2 (which erases the wonderfully and thoroughly
package that caused the mess)
rpm -ivh *.*

Right click on the opensuse updater and click check now and all should
be back
to normal

This may do it. I've been a SUSE user since 7.2 but I may have
to say goodby. In the three weeks since my boxed set (I try
to support SUSE) arrived I've done nothing but patch bugs.

Any chance that SOMEBODY will box up (in an rpm or tar file
or whatever) the needed files to fix this fiasco and put
them on the main openSUSE site with clear instructions as
to what to do?

Probably not. That would be logical.

My thanks to the folks who both developed the fix and who
posted it here. Now if somebody would give me the proper
URL (I don't do SUSE arcana well) because clearly

isn't a proper URL.

Anyone have any experience with PCLinuxOS?

--- Paul J. Gans