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It's is an old computer I rescued from the recycle pile at work. The video
slot is an 2,0 AGP one. The mother board does not have on-board video. The
best I can see the card currently in the machine is a TNT A 16 MB SDRAM,
TwiN-Texel architecture. The info I read claims it can do 3D. Checking under
desktop effects I just see a message saying the card is not supported, or
not in the database, and 3D effects are disabled.

The local Micro Center computer store has a FX5200 AGP card for about $50
new, too much for what I want to do. I normally see boxes of used PCI video
cards at the flea markets. I just needed to get a recommendation on one or
more to be on the look out for when poking through the boxes.

Leland C. Scott

"Darrell Stec" <darrell_stec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Leland C. Scott wrote:

What is the cheapest and best supported AGP graphics card supported that
is usable for the 3D desktop effects? I want to do some experimentation
under openSUSE 10.3 and Fedora 8 on an old P-III 500MHz machine with 384
MB of RAM.

You realize there are different AGP buses don't you? Are you considering
AGP 2/4 or AGP 8? If AGP 4, I've bought brand new ones on Tiger Direct
with 3D for 12.99.

For AGP 8, I bought a brand new nVidia FX5500 with 256 MB RAM for $42.00
plus shipping. Works great and corrected the problem I had with the
onboard Via KM400 chips which would autolog me off when I ran certain
or even freeze the computer when I ran Wine. You pay extra for a board
with a fan than with passively cooled boards and be aware that not all
are created equal. Also some boards pull so much power and have too small
of a power supply to adequately hand all video cards. Sometimes you might
have to upgrade the power supply to at least 450 watts, and some video
cards require a separate LARGE power connector to run the fan. My brother
has one of those super dupper nVidia cards that cost $1000 and his
has 5 fans in it to keep things cool enough. The video card itself came
with front and back fans and one to hang inside the case. Obviously it is
not one on your shopping list (nor mine but I wouldn't complain if Santa
dropped one off my house by mistake).

An older Pentium II (Soho board) machine has the onboard IBM 3D chips and
works well in 3D with OpenSuse 10.3.

From my experience, nVidia boards work the best. EBay can be a good
if you wait long enough. I bid on no less than 50 cards before I won one
in my comfort zone price. If I waited even longer I'm sure I would have
found one even better and even cheaper at the same time, but my video card
showed signs of failing so I decided I had better get a new one before I
tried blind computing.

Darrell Stec darstec@xxxxxxxxxx

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