Re: FireFox & Print Preview (openSuSE 10.3)

Taki wrote:

Bob & Gail wrote:
What version of gtk2 are you using?

Will Honea wrote:

Probably not that many people able to re-create the problem.,
openSUSE 10.3 happily displays print previews (and prints the pages)
here. If it makes a difference, I have a NVidia video using the NVidia

No problem here, either.
openSUSE 10.3 64-bit
Firefox 32-bit

$ rpm -q gtk2
$ rpm -q MozillaFirefox
$ rpm -q gtk2-32bit
$ uname -a
Linux gojira #1 SMP 2007/11/06 23:05:18 UTC x86_64
x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

That jibes with my system on AMD 64x2 machine. Even tried both KDE and
Gnome managers just in case - still works fine.

Will Honea

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