Re: Suse 10.3 strange internet stuff

GraemeK schreef:
Thanks for both replies - to clarify, this was a clean install (I
tried an upgrade first, and ...) and I have also tried reinstalling
Firefox but with no luck.

Perhaps the following might illustrate the problem a bit more:

Firefox times out accessing Google but not Amazon, as examples,
Konqueror can see both no problem.

Thats weird. Have you try ping those servers?

More problematically, when I try and access external repositories - ie
software not on the source DVD - either by "one click" install or by
trying to add reposiitries in YaST, I get nowhere.

Specifically, YaST will download the list of comunity repositries but
when I actually try to add anything other than "openSuSE build
service" versions I get the error:

'Adding repository Main Repository (NON-OSS) failed'

Similarly, going to the openSuSE webpages and trying to download
nVIDIA drivers gets as far as Downloading > Refreshing repository
NVIDIA then fails with the "detailed" error message

Curl error for '
Error code:
Error message: connect() timed out!

Also, if I try to install codecs from Kaffiene directly I get the
message in Konqueror:

Unable to connect
Your computer must have a working Internet connection in order to
donwload support for this type of multimedia.

Which is a bit frustrating, given that I demonstrably do have a
working internet question, its just somehow not being seen.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me with this - I'm still at
the "gosh, that's strange" stage but I can feel a bout of banging my
head on the desk approaching ...



PS Houghi - I know, I know - got to get in there and play with the
command line eventually - its just that I still have nightmares about
DOS ...

Check in yast - network device (or "yast2 lan&" from cli). Have you
configured your network card properly (dhcp, routing, dns, hostname,
etc)? Are you using NetworkManager or using ifup? What kind of network
card? Whats the output of "route"?