Re: Creating a Recovery Partition

ravi schreef:

I have had this problem for a very long time and I'm sure someone on
this website can help me find a solution.

Basically, I would like to create a recovery partition on my hard
drive. I am aware of how to do this using software such as Norton
Ghost etc. But I would like to create this recovery without using this
kind of software.

Something like how HP, Dell, PC World etc. have theirs set up? So if a
virus corrupts the C: drive, and I need to format my drive, I can just
hit the F10 key (or F11 etc.) in bios to access the recovery partition
without using the Ghost disc?

I hope I have made myself clear, it would be very much appreciated if
someone can help me, thank you.

Kind regards

Maybe you should ask your question in Windows group. Hope this will help.