Re: Window title bar disappeared

Joost van der Waa schreef:

When I start kwin in a terminal window I get a window title back for
that window.
The message I get is:
Kbuildsycoca running
DCOP Cleaning up dead connections

But the end of the story is that after that my keyboard is completely
dead for any window I open.

Does this give you any clue how to solve this problem?

Nope, not really, but it shows that kwin can run.
As for the keyboard being dead, it should have nothing to do with kwin.

Try to add a new user to the system and see if this new user can run kde
without problems, just to rule out this is a systemwide problem.
Most likely something is screwed in your ~/.kde directory.
If the latter, then backup your existing ~/.kde directory delete the ~/.kde
directory and restart kde.
This will give you a fresh kde desktop.
Unfortunaly this will also wipe out any settings for your kde programs, like
knode or kmail.
But you can copy them back from your backup.
Most settings are in ~/.kde/share/apps and ~/.kde/share/config.
Chris Maaskant