Re: Audacity segfaults

Kevin Miller <millerboys@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I don't know when it started but audacity segfaults everytime I try to
run it. Currently I have audacity-1.3.3-11.28.i586.rpm installed from,
but have tried others too, such as from Packman.

YaST shows several sources (see such as and but it doesn't
exist in either of those directories. Sigh.

When I run it, It prompts me for the language to use (English), I click
OK, and get the following:

koala:/home/mkm/ # audacity
Segmentation fault

No errors appear in the logs in /var/log.

I'm running OpenSUSE 10.3 and have tried as both root and my normal user
account. Any help appreciated.

I assume it is some incompatible library. Did you force install over the
objection of dependencies?