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David Bolt wrote:
That's what we're supposedly going to end up with, or something similar.
24Mbps download, no idea on the upload. No idea about any download
limits, and a fixed IP will probably be dependent on the provider, as
will the reverse DNS.

At this moment there is only one provider selling this in Belgium in one
city. The price is what I pay now. Now I have 6M down, 378K up or
something like that. No fixed IP. Luckily my provider does not look at
download limits.

How much does that cost?

I now pay 45EUR and I will pay 34EUR. Those are the high end accounts.
The low end would be 35EUR for 3Mb down, 192K up.

I've also got a 50 GB backed up storage from them, 4.90 a month.
You can have these as many as you like, 4.90 a month each.

What are you going to do with 50GB if your upload is so slow. :-D

Well, I am with a provider that is not afraid of Linux. The new provider
will also not be afraid of Linux, although I hope never need to test it.

What does that mean? What is being afraid of Linux?

If you mean there's no user support, yes for sure. But the networks
support all the protocols, don't they?

The moment you say you use Linux, they hang up on you.

Mine (I guess the others do, too) gives you even a unix shell.

So that is one you can add to the whitelist of your hosts.alow file, so
that you can always connect to it.

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