Re: how to setup the scanner HP PSC 2510 photosmart - opensuse 10.3

Michael Soibelman a écrit :
fabrice wrote:

hello group,

I need assistance from your valuable experience, regarding the scanner
on a HP PSC 2510 photosmart (All In 1 device with network connection);

I recently install opensuse 10.3 64 bits on a friend's computer;
I configured the print system without any glitch (printer part of the
PSC 2510), but hadn't enough time to setup the scanner part of this
device, and my friend is asking me help about this topic;

Unhappily, I've no experience in scanner setup, and I don't have one at
home to experiment on my own;

I've asked my friend to install the following rpms:

What's next now:
-Should I use Yast/Hardware/scanner before any activation of Xsane ?
-Does Xsane contain various panels allowing to setup the scanner, and
especially a place to enter the IP address of the device;

Until now, I don't find any useful guidance either at,
google or;

Pointers/explanation/howto will be greatly appreciated;

Many thanks in advance;

-I'm not a newbie on linux systems and I use suse/opensuse since 10
years, but I still have a lot of things to learn...
-I can reach my friend's computer thru a ssh connection

You have to set up the scanner before sane/xsane will work.

-> Yast -> Hardware -> Scanner
ok, Michael
one more question, please...
this scanner is not connected locally to the computer (but plugged in
the local network with an ip address) so at the end of the setup
process, it will not be detected;
there is one button in the lower right corner of the
yast/hardware/scanner panel marked "other" with a submenu allowing some
"network scanning" (rough translation from french);
when I click on it, i access on a new panel with 2 input boxes: one
client related, one server related;
do you know which one (or both) I have to fill up, and with what ?

the local computer has ip, and the AllIn1 device
(printer/copier/scanner) has ip;