Re: How to set hostname with underscore in Suse 10.3 (e. g. name_something@domain)?

On 9 Jan, 19:19, David Bolt <blacklist...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 9 Jan 2008, Bengt T wrote:-
I can manage to change hostname with yast except when i wish to use
"underscore" in the hostname. Yast simply does not accept it. "name-
something@domain" is ok with yast but not "name_somethin@domain".

Can anyone assist please?

Do you really mean host name or user name? A host name would be
something.domain whereas the format you've used is for an email address.

If you really did mean a domain name, then you need to know that the '_'
character isn't a valid character for use in a domain name, and it
probably why YaST won't accept it.

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Yes, I mean hostname. In yast ther is one window to fill in for
hostname and an other for domain name.


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