Re: Repository 'openSUSE-10.3-Updates' is invalid

Michael Soibelman wrote:
mjb wrote:

openSUSE Updater has been running alright upto now but when I allowed it
to install todays updates I got the following error. Has this corrupted
anything? and if so how do I fix it?

Repository 'openSUSE-10.3-Updates' is invalid. Wrong checksum for
patches.xml Please, check if the URLs defined for this repository are
pointing to a valid repository. Disabling
repository 'openSUSE-10.3-Updates' because of the above error.
patch 'aaa_base' not found patch 'eclipse-archdep-platform' not found

Yes I see something similar. Seems some repo's aren't functioning at this
moment. Usually when this happens it is quickly repaired though.

3 or 4 of the many repo's I have on my install list failed..

Just wait a while..maybe a few hours.

P.S. Could be any number of things..perhaps they're updating the servers
right now.

Yes... there was a change. I just picked a hardcoded update area for now.
Sigh... we really need to figure this stuff out.

SUSE 7 slow updates
SUSE 8 slow updates
SUSE 8.1 lightning fast updates
SUSE 10.1 whoops
SUSE 10.2 whoops part 2
SUSE 10.3 found something slower than SUSE 7 updates


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