Re: SSH with PuTTY - Home/End keys don't work

Thomas Dickey wrote:
Chris Cox <notccox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Install ncurses-devel on the Linux box (so you have a tic command)
and then copy the file at the end into a filename like scoansi-dm-cjc.ti
Use tic -x scoansi-dm-cjc.ti to compile it into your terminfo database
(as root of course).

Tell PuTTY you want to use SCO for the terminal
function type. And then set your TERM environment variable
in your shell on Linux to TERM=scoansi-dm-cjc

"infocmp scoansi scoansi-dm-cjc" shouldn't show much difference.

It won't... but even that definition is not complete.

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