Re: Installation with a wireless NIC

Kevin Miller wrote:
Got a couple of questions:

1: Back in the day (9.0 era IIRC) if you had a wireless and an onboard NIC one would lose connectivity to the network if you were using the wireless because it was usually eth1 and the system would try to use eth0 for the default gateway even if it was unconfigured. The sleazy workaround was to disable the onboard nic in the bios.

Is this no longer an issue?

2: When I installed 10.3 it got to the part where it wants to create the
repositories and connect to the network, etc. There was no way to
manually configure the WEP key at this stage, so it couldn't connect.

Is there a way to set that up during the install process so it can do it's thing or will I have to do a two phased approach - i.e., install w/o any repo access, then manually set up the network after the fact.

If question 1 is no longer an issue I could just enable the wired nic and run a cable to my switch but it would be more convenient to use the wireless since I'll have to set that up afterwards anyway...

I had exactly the same problem and used a two phased approach to go around it.
Since the connection can be set after the installation is done, how come the same cannot be done during installation? This is absolutely stupid.