Re: Why? 9.3 was Reiser; 10.3 is Ext3

On 2008-01-18, David Bolt <blacklist-me@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I find that file systems where I have large numbers of files
in a directory is much faster with reiserfs than ext3. However, reiserfs
seems to be slower than ext3 when dealing with large file sizes, and
both appear to be slower than the single xfs partition I use just for
video work.

David Bolt

Your video work got me interested here.

Do you see or know of other benefits than speed in xfs?

As for constant writing and erasing of big files,

possible advantage in speed has not much relevance for me, but maybe
there are other benefits in xfs there?

Downloading a lot of iso files via torrent and deleting them?

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