Re: 10.3 Upgrade Woes

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Roger wrote:-

I've now removed the drives and you are quite correct, the markings
are stamped. They're both currently set to Cable Select. Before I set
them to master & slave respectivley, can someone refresh my memory
about which one attaches to the end connector and which one attaches
to the middle connector on the IDE cable. It's been a long time since
I've done this.

The master usually[0] goes at the end of the cable, and the slave on the
other connector.

[0] I say usually, because I have a couple of systems with DVD drives
that are set as slaves and neither have a master on that cable. To
prevent signal reflections[1], they are connected to the end of the

[1] Not a big problem with IDE, but I was used to using SCSI devices and
the SCSI bus had to be terminated properly or it did cause problems.

David Bolt

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