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I recently bought a dell server with suse linux enterprise 10 pre-
installed. This server has three 73GB hard drives on RAID 5. When I
go into yast2 and select system then lvm it shows me that only 28GB
of the 133.7GB is partitioned. Why would this be? I know that this
is right because I cannot copy very large files to the server (ie. I
attempted to copy a 45GB file to the server and got an error telling
me there was not enough space). How would I go about maximizing all
the available hard drive capacity?

Any help would be appreciated!


I'm with the other posters, there is no need to keep the configuration
the way it is. If I were you I would wipe everything and start again.
You don't even need to use LVM if you prefer not to.
Remember you bought an enterprise server, and with most companies who buy
these servers the first thing they would do is ensure raid was enabled
and use LVM. This is probably why yours was configured this way.

But LVM need only be enabled if you want to use it.

Otherwise remove everything and re-install and create the partitions as
necessary. There are a large number of guides out there for partitioning
schemes on Linux.
Raid is obviously important for data security, but LVM is only necessary
to enable easier partition management. If you know how you want to
partition all your remaining space, LVM wont give you much extra.

For assistance with partitioning just put the following "Linux
partitioning how to" into google for a large list of possible solutions.

I thank everyone for all the help and advice provided here. I agree
that usually with any new computer (sever or not) the best thing to do
is reformat it right off the bat. Unfortunately, my limited
experience with linux and my restricted time frame didn't provide this
as an option. Since this server is already acting as a production web
server there is no future plans for reformatting (unless someone can
point me to a 5 min reformat process :D)