Re: Solution for the root exploit

David Bolt wrote:
On and ofd, although tests show no problem. This with different mobo's,
different distributions and different drives and this for a couple of
years. So my first suspect is always HD.

If it's different drives, unless they are second user drives, I'd have
thought they'd have been quite a way from being the first suspect.

Well, if you look at it, it is completely different PC's in the end, yet
when looking, it is the drives that give me problems, if anything.

Not necessarily. If it was a module that went missing due to the kernel
upgrade, the second time would refer to the new kernel module.

Uh, why would it be missing with the first reboot and available with the
second reboot?

Because on the first shutdown the module won't be there as the kernel
update will have deleted it. Once the system restarts, the new kernel is
used, along with the new kernel modules.

Yes and the sytem hung when it did the restart. So we have:
Running machine : OK
Update of the kernel and such : OK
Reboot shutdown : Ok
Show of the BIOS: Most likely OK, but I was not there. If NOK, no
Reboot startup : Not OK
Hard reboot : OK
Show of the BIOS: OK
Reboot : OK

So there is no 'missing module'. The machine halted during the startup,
not during the shudown.

Is somebody or something repairing my machine while it is

Some benevolent person has root?

If so, he can have the power when it is off all the time.

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