Re: How to Install SLES WITHOUT ANY X

On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 23:32:08 +0100
Günther Schwarz <strap@xxxxxx> wrote:

houghi wrote:

Günther Schwarz wrote:
I have no idea why a server distribution comes with X and whatever
at all.

Because you have to do something. It is either/or. And it is better
to hae people remove stuff they do not need and then misss
something, then add stuff they they do need and then miss stuff.
Well, that is my guess.

It all depends on how easy it will be to set up a machine the way one
wants it to be. The package choices the SLES10 offers are not bad. But
then, while one will find whatever packages typical for desktop
systems, some packages are missing that are useful on a server. Like
pine, wireshark, or the lynx web browser. A text based web browser is
essential for setting up the update channels at Novell or a CUPS print
server. And the one that is included in the distribution is a real

Look at adding the SLE SDK. What about mailx, tcpdump, rug for
adding repos, and then the ncurces yast?

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