Re: Fibre Channel vs iSCSI

"Suk" <sukesh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am thinking about investing in a SAN for my company & am not sure
whether to go with Fibre Channel or ISCSI

In opensuse 10.3 which would be more favourable in terms of support
for hardware , ease of configuration, manageability / maintainability

Any opinions / experiences would be appreciated.

The simple answer is... there isn't one if you are looking for long term

Storage Area Networks are implemented for several reasons, but today the
most popular seem to be as part of a virtualization effort and during
storage consolidation projects. If you approach it from either point however
you must understand your performance requirements - how much data, how fast,
how far (remote replication?), how secure (encryption of data at rest or
just the tapes leaving the site), etc.

Hardware and software support isn't really a concern if you stick with
popular releases and experienced manufacturers. Configuration has become
point and click in both protocols and even if you refuse to lose the CLI,
neither is difficult to figure out. I notice you didn't mention stability or
availability. You're going to pay hell trying to get redundant LANs
everywhere since the LAN is typically the realm of the network cops and not
the system or storage administrator. SANs however are avoided by the network
guys and gals like the plague so there is typically less "coordination" that
has to be done.

Neither did you mention cost, however iSCSI is much cheaper to implement
since you probably already have an Ethernet infrastructure. Of course, if it
is already heavily loaded you will probably strain it to the breaking point
unless you put in a "data only" set of wires. If you have to do that then
why not put in fabric?

The new FCoE protocol seems promising, but it will require an entirely new
infrastructure if you ever want to see the super high speeds promised. Then
it will also probably be the most expensive because it will be the newest

If you are doing this as a learning experience then you can afford to try it
yourself and make a few mistakes, but if you are doing this with the
company's mission critical data talk to some of the SAN experts with the
major storage vendors.

Of course like every other opinion you get from Usenet - your mileage may

Jim Carter
Rogers, Arkansas