New video card

With all this talk about new hardware, one of my screens decided to kill
itself. My choice is between buying a new 20" 1600x1200 or right away go
for 2 x 24". The first is obvious cheaper. The second is twice the
price. (Yeah, 24" is the price of a 20")

However I would then also need to buy a new video card and obviously I
would like to be able to use it with openSUSE.

Now I run all in 2-d and am happy. However if I would decide to buy a
new card, I would want it to be able to run 3D as well. It also needs to
have the ability to steer two 1920x1200 screens.

In another group somebody sugested a GigaByte GeForce 7600GS¹ or a MSI
GeForce 7600 GT.

So any sugestions (or any other to be able to run it with what openSUSE
has to offer? The choice is so big, I would have no idea where to start.
Oh yeah, it has to be AGP (isn't that what was the latest for video
cards a few years ago?)

Are there brands I shouls NOT buy, because they give me trouble?

Do not worry about the store. This is mere to see what is available.

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