Re: program for sharing of torrent

David Bolt wrote:


and the packages I've built are here:

Thanks. Will look at it. <Later>
I am a bit confused. OK, this makes the *.torrent file, but then what?
Is it sufficient to run KTorrent or do I need yet another program?



or here:
If you would have used the build server, you also would have had them
for factory, Mandriva, RedHat, ... ;-)
And people would have been able to use them after a search AND be abkle
to use the i-click install. Seriously, try it out.

Then there's btmaketorrent, which is included in the BitTorrent package.


If it is hey, pity for the rest of the
world who will miss out on 40.000 1600x1200 wallpapers.

Of course it isn't, there's three listed above just for starters.

Looks like createtorrent is the closest to what I need for a first step.

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