Re: Dumb question of the week.

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Let me give you (and them) an example. Say I want to run "ifconfig"
to check on something with my network connection. You cannot run
that as a normal user because it will not be found by a normal
user's search path.

/sbin/ifconfig works as a normal user under nearly every distro I've
ever used :-)

How did you know it was in /sbin?

Dunno for sure. Mostly when I recall a command and the first part
doesn't respond to tab completion, I try /sbin next.

No wonder newbies don't stick around here long. Between the insults
and the obfuscated answers they get nowhere.

I'm a little offended by this. You seem to be implying that I'm
insulting newbies, or providing an obfuscated answer.

All I did was point out that a normal user can run ifconfig if they know
the path. How that got to accusations of insults and obfuscation is
difficult to understand from where I'm sitting.

I'm sorry if I seemed to be picking on you. I wasn't.

OK, then I misunderstood your intentions.

The OP asked a
simple question and, as happens, got crap thrown at him as a result.

That's rough. I plead not guilty however.

That's what sparked this thread. The thread title was somebody's
response to the OP's question.

Looking back through the thread, it appears that the title was chosen by
the OP {him|her|it}self.

As far as I know the OP has not been back and, if true, isn't likely to
be back.

"If you love something let it go...."

Another victory for openSUSE?

TBH, I wasn't aware I was partaking in a war, AFAIK I was simply sharing

*That* is what annoys me about all this. I have no problem with the
regulars ragging each other once in a while. But that's not the only
reason this group exists.

I do believe I can honestly say that I totally agree with you there.

That said, I will resolve to try not to contribute to the problem in