Re: Flushing memory

houghi wrote:
Blattus Slafaly 0/00 ? ? ? wrote:
When I boot up I have about 500 meg free memory. After some browsing and mail/news reading openening and closing browsers I end up with about 47k free after closing everything. Is there a way to flush out the memory without rebooting? Something about Firefox and Thunderbird don't clean up after they shutdown.

And what is the problem with that? The fact that there is something in
memory doesn't mean anything. You bought and payed for the memory, so
use it. The fact that things are still there afterwards is a good

If the memory is nedded for something else, it will clean it. If not
then not.


Well that's not entirely true. As I ran more and more things I noticed that the free memory stayed low and the system began using swap memory instead of cleaning out the ram. That can slow things down. I suppose it depends on how smart the program is as to what memory cleaning it will do.

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