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On Fri, 21 Mar 2008 10:12:38 -0500, Rajko M. wrote:

E wrote:

So off I go to read up on apt-get.

1) Disable automatic update via updater applet in system tray.

I have the openSuse updater still running in the system tray. I'll disable

It takes forever on broadband. On dialup I can't imagine.

2) Use Smart package manager instead of apt. I don't know is there any
maintained repository for apt-get.

I've skimmed over this subject (Smart) a few times searching for solutions
to my Yast2 problem. I'll take a look at that. When Yast2 works, with its
ability to resolve dependencies, it works well. I think it will work if I
remove the patch URL from Installation Sources.

Just try Smart for now. As long as you use few official repositories and
watch what Smart is trying to do, it should be fine. The official
repositories are located under /distribution and /update for corresponding
versions. You probably want to try Smart from Guru/Packman repositories as
rpm comes with repositories already configured ie. it should work out of
the box.

The problems seems to be finally solved with 11.0 and few developers are
trying to backport the newest zypper to older distribution versions. This
is last status:

That's good news! I'm not giving up on Suse, and will be looking forward
to 11.0. Not to take anything away from Slackware (I want to put it on
another box) it has its advantages, but I have gotten more things working,
and easier with openSuse 10.2 than Slackware 10.1 at least.

The same here. I have no problem to understand and manage Slackware or
Gentoo, it is just the RTM thing, but it is just more time left for other
stuff with openSUSE.

Taking your experience with Slackware you can feel fine even with Alpha 3
software, though dialup doesn't help with iso download, and later with
update to Factory.

Regards, Rajko.

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