Re: Installing 10.3 with Vista

"Blattus Slafaly ? (3) ¼ :)" <boobooililililil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul Thompson wrote:
I just got a Vista notebook with 2 120G SATA drives. Vista reports 3
drives, the OS on C:, Data D:, and HP RECOVERY E:. I'd like to install
OpenSuSE 10.3 on 60G of drive D:.

How should I go about setting up the partitions during installation?


Let OpenSUSE decide and resize the partitions it wants. I would delete
d: and e: and let OpenSUSE use the unformatted space. But that is just me.


The "recovery" partition might well be the only Vista backup
Thompson has. There may be no separate DVD.

Yes, I think that is stupid on the part of the notebook manufacturers,
but hey...

And I'd not blow D: away either until I knew what was on it.

The openSUSE recommendation probably takes all this into account.
I'd use that, at least until I knew more about D: and E:.

--- Paul J. Gans

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