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If it was missed during installation, how do you get yast to install the boot loader? It goes through all the motions like it did but nothing happens. What the hell ails it? I tried it both in kde mode and ansi mode in terminal. What is it, just a simulated exercise?
Install it with YaST. If you can't boot, boot with the DVD and select to
boot an already installed system.

That IS what I do. What I said was, yast appears to install the boot loader but in fact does nothing.

You said it did not work during the intalation, I am talking about doing
it after the instalation.
If that is the case, then try lilo.

Also could you give any information n what EXCACTLY happens during the
boot? What do you see, what messages do you get? Be specific.

The computer reset during installation. I tried it after installation by booting the cd and booting the installed system. I tried grub and lilo.
Both appear to write the boot code but do not. It might be that the harddrive is on a pci raid ide controller which the bios does not see. The boot cd sees it and winows 2000 sees it. Maybe I'll fart around with loadlin.

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