Re: Installing a network printer

Peter Bradley wrote:

<Node Type> Brother NC-3100h
<Node Firmware Ver.> Firmware Ver.2.00 (99.11.19)
<Ethernet Address> 00-80-77-31-81-b2

This is good if your router DHCP can assign same IP to same Ethernet
address. Most modern can do Static dchp.

<Node name> BRN_3181B2

<Active services>

TCP/IP Enabled
Netware Enabled
AppleTalk Enabled
POP3/SMTP Enabled
NetBIOS/IP Enabled

<IP Address> (via DGCP
<Subnet Mask>
<IP Gateway>
<IP Config> AUTO
<Boot Tries> 3

This means it can be used as real network printer.
Print directly to the printer (port 9100) in YaST.

<NetBIOS Name> BRN_3181B2

This can be used to print using Samba protocol.
That si one of available options in YaST.

I tried EOS (which means 'nightingale' in my language BTW) suggestion of
going through YAST, but didn't get anywhere. Once again there were a
log of questions I didn't understand and dire warnings about what would
happen if I chose wrong, so I was a bit conservative. One thing's for
sure, though, it didn't automagically detect the printer.

So, I hope that above means something to you and you can point me in the
right direction.

YaST printer
-> Add -> Network printer -> Direct TCP port printing ->
-> Lookup (it should be able to find printer) -> Next

Queue Name is your free will what to put in all 3 fields, and next are
printing settings that you can tweak later.
It is openSUSE 11.0 RC1.

Regards, Rajko needs helpful hands.