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Besides, that icon is the most unreliable places to search for
And I use Windows at work, every day. The only less reliable source of
information is their search engine. Which says a lot about Vista.

Then that tells me that you know nothing about the Vista search engine and
how to use it effectivly, like using the Advanced Search feature and check
marking on *Include non indexed and system files.* If one does that, then
the Vista search will find anything you are looking for, otherwise, it only
looks in folders that it has indexed the files in them.

You forget to include that the searches are *very* much slower when you
include the de non indexed content. Therefore most people nerver use it.

That's not true. I find that it's not very much slower and does the job, which is find what I am looking for, and that's all that counts. And the only reason a user will have trouble with the Vista search is they don' t know how to use it properly, and they will sit there and whine about it instead of taking the time to find out how to use it.

And the indexed parts are in caches that are as reliable as a 90 year old
bladder: it keeps leaking.

I don't have a problem with it, and besides, one can just turn indexing off if one wants to do so.

I have used Linux too, but I don't go off the deep-end on something, because
I don't know how to use the solution and try to talk about it.

This is by no means the deep end. There's an entire abiss beyond it.
I was just trying to save the OP some time he would have lost in that
particular function.

It's not a problem if one knows how to drive/use any solution effectively.

There is nothing wrong with Vista if one knows what he or she is doing
behind wheel.

Then feel free to you it. We've tested it, found it really unpleasant and
slow and therefor decided to ditch it untill we have no choice left.

That day is going to come, just like it came for Win 9'x, Win 2K, and soon to be XP. MS is going to make sure of it.

Which, if you notice Gates's own attitude towards Vista, could means we'll
be using Vista untill the next generation is out.

There is nothing wrong with it. Vista has many features from a business software devlopment standpoint that makes it a viable solution in the workplace in conjuction with the usage of .Net developed solutions.

(and keeping fingers crossed that it will not hog the average mainframe to

An O/S for a worstation of any sort in direct contact with a mainframe is reduced to the fuctionality of a dumb terminal, and the solution is running on the mainframe. Otherwise, a workstation is going to be accessing the mainframe solution via a middle tier solution such as a Biztalk server or others in the middle tier that will make contact with the mainframe with the mainframe acting as a backend transaction pusher. So, what you are talking about as far as speed concers is not an issue with mainframes and workstations.