Re: openSUSE as a router, how to? Solved!

Vahis wrote:
On 2008-06-25, houghi <houghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Vahis wrote:
The machines in the LAN do not use DHCP server. The whole LAN is
192.168.x.x fixed IP:s.

Even stranger.

I don't see anything strange there.

Fixed IP? Strange!

That's how I had mine while the ADSL modem did everything.

openSUSE can do that for you as well.

But now I have the ADSL modem bridging and my server has a new external NIC.
The LAN is like it used to be.

It now misses a DHCP server which you could install with YaST and
probably configure it there as well.

A nice new feature came along with this new configuration:
I can now browse my web server also by pointing to its external address.
Being on any machine, even the server itself :)

Why would that be different from before?

I also now have real-time Full HD stream of all free DVB-T channels and
I can record them on my ISP's server, I have 5 TB disk space there.

I am so jealous.

Plus video-on-demand rental of movies.

Not so much. Just use torrents. ;-)

I had to buy a new screen, 1920x1200 with speakers though, ? 299.

Pfft. I have two, yet two, 1920x1200 and also a 1600x1200 for wich I do
not have a connection at this moment.
I am looking into buying a new PC where I can connect 3 screens. Will
proably be a quadcore with 8GB in memory an 2 1TB HD's

The next thing is to put a DHCP server running.

Ah, now we are talking. ;-)

I'll make a new server with 11.0 for all this soon :)

Neat. Are you going extremely small (like 486 with almost nothing, just
2 network cards and a small HD) or extremely large and fast?

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