Re: openSUSE as a router, how to? Solved!

Vahis wrote:
In this day and age of DHCP it is just odd that one would still use it.

I am. What's the setback?

That you forget things, like entereing the DNS servers.

We'll see. There's always a problem with the dough, too.
And I'd like a silent one, so case, psu and cooling will cost extra :(

Watercooling. I have made a machine once based on a quad core and the
price was just above 1.000EUR
This was without watercooling, but with the ability to connect 3
screens, 2TB HD and 8GB of memory. Also a new tower and power.

Some things that I got from a friend. When you realy start to buy, ask
people who realy know (e.g. in a hardware group for the specifications
and in a Linux group to see if it will work)
Memory: Faster is better, as long as your mobo supports it, but also
look at the specifications with the CAS-latency. (e.g. 4-4-4 is faster
then 10-4-4)

The most difficult part is selecting a motherboard, I think. What do you
need and what don't you need.

Oh and there is also in English. You can then
still compare products. Unfortunatly no PC builder. :-(

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