Re: openSUSE as a router, how to? Solved!

On 2008-06-26, houghi <houghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Vahis wrote:
As soon as I receive the new ADSL router box I should be back to normal.
I don't know if I'd need my own DHCP server for anything.

Most likely your new modem will have a DHCP server and if not, you can
still configure one server to be DHCP server for your modem as well.

Sure it does. My current one has it, too.
It's just that the current one doesn't seem to have enough torque to
take care of routing and and stuff with my current traffic.

This is only my own deduction and theories though.
That's how it looks like when it freezes.
It was fine with 1/1 line, with 24/1 it seems to go tits up.
If I don't run Vuze at all it copes better.

I have thought of trying VPN, maybe then its needed.
I haven't set up VPN:s ever.

No. DHCP is never 'needed'. It is just 'usefull'.

You guys seem to want me to set up a DHCP server :)
OK. But I haven't got time to rock the boat before Saturday.
Saturday settled then :)

Yeah, we will force you to learn. That said, I never have installed a
DHCP server myself, except for what my modem does.

There doesn't seem to be much in it.
But that's because of Yet Another Setup Tool :)

If a distro doesn't have YaST, don't touch it!

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