Re: 11.0 and repositories

David Bolt wrote:

On Thu, 26 Jun 2008, John Bowling wrote:-


With 11.0 is keeps coming up with errors and trying to tell me how a
name or IP address is configured (all inappropriate to the problem). I
have tried all of the following in server and directory.

<Snip other variations>

How about trying this using a root console:

viper-mk2:~ # zypper addrepo liquid-coAdding
repository 'liquid-co' [done] Repository 'liquid-co' successfully added
Enabled: Yes Autorefresh: No

That part worked locally, so lets make sure and do a refresh:

viper-mk2:~ # zypper ref
Repository 'openSUSE-DVD 11.0' is up to date.
Repository 'main 11.0 OSS' is up to date.
Do you want to trust key id D8AE135092681C57, Monex RPM key
<monex@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, fingerprint 08CB20211C6B8EC1E2868CBAD8AE135092681C57
[yes/NO]: yes Import key D8AE135092681C57 to trusted keyring? [yes/NO]:
yes Downloading repository 'liquid-co' metadata [done]
Building repository 'liquid-co' cache [done]
Downloading repository 'VideoLan Repository' metadata [done]
Building repository 'VideoLan Repository' cache [done]
Downloading repository 'Packman Repository' metadata [done]
Building repository 'Packman Repository' cache [done]
Repository 'Davjams-repository 11.0' is up to date.
All repositories have been refreshed.

Seems it did. How about a final test:

viper-mk2:~ # zypper in ZoneMinder
Reading installed packages...

The following NEW packages are going to be installed:
ZoneMinder perl-Device-SerialPort perl-php-serialization
perl-Module-Load php5-zlib
php5-sockets php5-mcrypt php5-gd perl-MailTools perl-MIME-tools
perl-MIME-Lite perl-IO-stringy perl-DateManip perl-Data-ShowTable
perl-DBD-mysql perl-Archive-Zip libmcrypt

Overall download size: 1.8 M. After the operation, additional 6.7 M will
be used. Continue? [YES/no]: n

I think that's also a pass.

and NONE of them work, even though firefox sees it.

I also tried the previous edition for 10.3, with worked well through this
process and 11.0 won't recognize it.

The same thing applies for packman, etc.

Use the community repositories to add them.

Is this a 11.0 Yast error, or do all of these archives not match some
uniqueness required by 11.0?

It's not a YaST error and, since I can add them locally, it doesn't look
like a repo error either.

I then went to the rpm and used Yast: missing perl-php-serializeation and
perl-Module-Load. They are not present on any repository that is/can be

You'll find them in the above repo.

David Bolt

I got it to work this morning by not having "http://"; as part of the string
I entered. I had forgotten they need to be entered without that - it's been
a while since I had to add one using this method. I didn't try community
repositories, but I would not expect the zoneminder one to be on their
list. And using the proper repository removed any need for additional

Thanks, John