Re: Some issues with the way the install goes

Paul J Gans wrote:
I agree. It is the Ubuntu method. It isn't totally windows-like.
You still have to do a "sudo" to become root, even if it is the
same password.

I disagree. With Ununtu there is no login for root by default. Here the
password is just the same. Someting the majority of people where doing

However, since Ubuntu became popular, everybody knows this technique.
So if your security is compromised as a user and somebody gains your
password, it is the first thing they'll try to get root.

If your security is compromised as a user, your machine is compromised

A bad choice. I don't know what they were thinking.

They were thinking: the majority of people use the same password anyway,
so why would we let them enter it twice? People who are not willing to
do that can still change it.

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