Re: install problems with Suse 11.0

Joost van der Waa wrote:
The Viper 770 (first version) supports many modes and high resolutions (up to 1600x1200). The monitor is a classic 19" CRT which is capable of displaying even higher resolutions.
The install is now already running with my other video card, so I won't be able to check the available modes with my old card..

Anyway, if this machine is going to be console/framebuffer based, I suggest getting a Matrox G200. It's old and hard to find new. On ebay you'll find it for about 15 bucks (euros). It's the best card for the framebuffer, even today. It even has *accelerated* framebuffer support with lots of modes supported. You can even watch DVD movies in full color, high definition in a console framebuffer with it using mplayer (it natively supports acceleration of this card in a console).

I think for 15 bucks it's a lot of "framebuffer power" ;)