Re: Lightscribe SimpleLabeler analysis

On Aug 21, 1:33 pm, Michael Soibelman <in-...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Eef Hartman wrote:
Godzilla <godzi...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
install the 32 bit SimpleLabeler again, I received the same complaint
about it needing WHICH HAS BEEN INSTALLED in /usr/lib as
a link to /usr/lib64. It is a great "puzzlement" to me. :-(

Which means (it being a link) that it IS the 64-bit version of
that library you're using.
As I do not see a "libpng3-32bit", your only answer may be to
download the i?86 rpm of libpng3 and installing only the
/usr/lib files out of it - after first removing the symlinks
in there for libpng*
Or create your own rpm from the source rpm, of course, avoiding
conflicts with the files, already installed by

Or just download the source file and install under '/usr/local/' [default
when running configure, make, su(or sudo) make install ]

A different method occurred to me: I went into YAST and changed the
lib file to the 32 bit version from the 64 bit that was installed.
Then, I deleted the link to the 64 bit version.

After that, I was able to install the rpm that had SimpleLabeler in it
(from Lightscribe)
However, when I attempted to run SimpleLabeler, I just got the logo
blinking for some time before stopping.
After I discovered the location of SimpleLabeler (/opt/
I found an executable file by that name. So far, so good, but it would
not execute, either as user or as root.
Here are the the permissions, which partially elude me (the "s" part):

-rwsr-x root wheel

So near, and yet so far ---