SuSE 7.3 USB & FlashMemSticks

OK, OK, I know I should upgrade this box, but it is only a 200Mhz and
has the near perfect SuSE installation that I do not want to mess with
.. . . SO, those who have been with SuSE for a time and been through 7.3
- I address this question.

One thing that would make this BOX better is to have access to USB
flash memory. I installed a USB-PCI card and SuSE 7.3 finds it. The
Kernel (2.4.10) has the modules input.o, usbcore.o, and usb-ohci.o
installed. Reading the INFO utility, the OS sees the card. When I
plug in the Memory stick (old 128MB Verbatim Store'n'go) it blinks,
SuSe 7.3 finds it and is able to read out the identification data.

My next step from the reference manual (still got one with 7.3) was to
modprobe usb-storage.o - I still just get the ID info of the flash
memory. Any attempt to mount it (my guess would be /dev/sdb because a
ZIP drive is /dev/sda4) is met with "no block device" error. Also ,
with the YAST2 Hardware analysis utility, it finds it under Disks,
but no device is assigned to it.

If it is possible to get this USB Memory stick to go under SuSE 7.3 I
would appreciate your help. I am certainly missing something or 7.3
is too old to do this. All software was from the factory install
disks (no updates back then for me)

Any help appreciated.