Re: PC Choice

houghi schreef:

Taskbar? Where? Icons? Where?

Icons are the most stupid invention ever. Who came up with the idea: let
us put things you need to click on in a place where you can see them,
but once you clicked on one, you can't anymore, because there is a
program in front of it. Idiots.

I couldn't agree more.

The raskbar in itself is not too bad, but having only one place to find
your 50.000 programs is also just silly. Then you can see what programs
you are running. Well, I launched them, so I know what I am running. No
need to think I am stupid and remember me.

I have multiple desktops and use them.

Even if i would use multiple desktops, i still wouldn't know where my program
windows is without a taskbar, i'd have to browse through my desktops to find it.
Nah, the taskbar is OK :-)

Chris Maaskant