Re: PC Choice

Chris Maaskant wrote:
I would forget where what is for sure with 16 desktops.

Not if they are always in the same place.

I have usually no more then 1 window open, sometimes 3, as soon as i'm done with it i minimize it to the taskbar.
I hate clutter.

I hate clutter as well. For that reason I use different desktops and
monitors, With one desktop you will have clutter when you have 3 windows
open. One is over the other and mayem ensues.

With different desktops youhave only those things that belong together.
My old screenshots:

Only when i'm editing photo's i turn on the second monitor.

I can't work with that. Even at work I have 2 monitors in the last
several companies I worked for. It realy works great. One for monitoring
and the other to type on.

To each its own i gues.

16 desktops...Brrr..

You could also say that I can activate any group of programs in one go,
instead of clicking of activating them seperately. e.g. slrn is next to
firefox, so I can do searches. Liferea is also next to a different
firefox, so I can read the artcle.

Now say I would be working on a website. One screen is to look at and do
a refresh. The other screen has 3 terminals next to each other. One so I
can look at code elsewhere, the other two to edit code.

Of those 16 desktops, there are only about 5 that I activaly switch
between. And it is nice not to need launch a program, because it is
already running.

Personally, I think most sports fans are a little "gay". They'd
rather watch a bunch of sweaty guys jumping all over eachother,
than, say fashion TV - where hot models walk down the runway.

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