Re: Where to find nethack-qt or xnethack for OpenSuse 11.0?

Philipp Thomas <philipp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Exactly where is it clearly explained how to configure xnethack or
nethack-qt to use tiles on a linux system?

I have the same problem. If anyone can explain how to use these tile
files, I'll try to make rpm packages offered in the build service that
will make it real easy to use them (as long as the license allows it).

I discovered that there's a file named x11tiles which xnethack comes
with, but is not used by default, and to make xnethack use it, you have
to uncomment the following lines in /usr/share/X11/app-defaults/NetHack:

NetHack.tile_file: x11tiles
NetHack.double_tile_size: True

This already looks better, but the tiles are quite small, and this doesn't
solve the problem of how to specify your own tiles. The OPTIONS=tile_file...
setting seems to be completely ignored by xnethack (even though other
options seem to work). Also the x11tiles file is an XPM file, so it
probably cannot be just replaced with a BMP file.