Re: Boot Error - Error 15 : File not found

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I have a problem. My SuSE Linux Enterprise 9.2 doesn't start anymore.

I receive this error:

I had a similar problem when I inserted Mythbuntu in a multi-boot
machine. Grub (///boot/grub/menu.lst) was pointing to
vmlinuz-, whereas I had I
assume grub must have picked up an obsolete ID from somewhere, after the
Suse core had been upgraded by 'normal' security updates.

In my case, changing the call to the correct version number resulted in
the return of OpenSuse! Hope your is as easy! 8-)


Which is why I recommend that whenever there is a kernel update to ALWAYS
run as root the following:

mkinitrd && SuSEconfig

Though it rarely happens now (as opposed to frequently years ago)
sometimes Yast just fails to properly update the boot up parameters (to
the updated kernel version/ kernel modules)..

This simple command alleviates your current situation.

So you run that comand when?

Before the update?
After the update?
After the update but before boot with new kernel?
When exactly?

Right after the update completes and you exit Yast (or that little system
tray thingy). When I see there is going to be a kernel update I
immediately open a shell (konsole) set it to 'keep above others' and enter
the command without hitting enter. I'll move the mouse (trackball in my
case) away from the konsole so as to take away the focus (lest I
prematurely hit enter !) and click on the desktop somewhere. Now when Yast
completes I'll see the konsole and bring focus back to it and hit enter...

Just make sure you do this BEFORE you shut down !