Re: Opensuse 11 - turning

DenverD <"spam.trap\\REMOVE \"at\" SOME\\"> wrote:
Have you discussed it with them? Have you changed ideas about this with
them? Have they told you why they do it?
You can do any of the following:
1) file a bugreport
2) Discuss it during an IRC session
3) Discuss it on one of the mailing lists
4) Talk to them during meetings in person

The open in openSUSE works both ways.

i've not found the openSUSE developers to be very open (receptive) to anything
that they didn't think of first..

and, since they already thought up the idea of shoving a beagle into the default
install, i didn't figure it was worth my time to try to change their mind..

anyway, if they EVER look in their own fora <> they
can NOT help but notice that their puppy is "a huge slaverying lump with an
appetite" sufficient to cause many many folks to shoot that puppy!

First thing I do is delete beagle and friends after a new install
-- that is once I get the machine back from the cycle-stealing
werewolf of a program.

--- Paul J. Gans