Re: Best use of new (used) drives ?

C.Andrews Lavarre wrote:

Michael Soibelman wrote:
Perhaps you'd be willing to buy a new laptop for me ?? :-) LOL

:-) Not today... perhaps in another life.

More power to them, and to you.

Cheers, Andy

Unfortunately it seems this is the case...

It looked like these drives were o.k. when I used the SCSI Select utility.
However....when booting up to openSUSE I see this is not the case.. After
two days of mounting drives, testing, retesting, low level formatting, seems time to place these in the proper disposal bin !!

Lesson learned is I will not buy used drives EVER again on the internet.
Perhaps new drives but not used. The unfortunate situation is that Fry's
only sells consumer grade equipment and not the sort of drives, etc. that I
would build in a new computer. This includes SAS drives, high performance
motherboards and the like. And another store chain I used to like went out
off business a couple of years ago. Their sneering look when I mentioned
Linux belied their poor judgment. So I'll find the equipment I want and
purchase from reputable on line stores such as newegg, etc...

Anyway, I think two of the four drives are o.k. so I'll play with them som,e
more. I already set up a RAID 5 array and so I've learned something from
that. LVM is worth investigating as well...

As for your other suggestion about a learning environment I've got three
working computers now and am about to acquire two more recent vintage Dell
desktop for free,,,, So many toys and no cost to me. Joy, joy.

Again, thanks to everybody who has made suggestions in this thread. If only
those other two drives were good.