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On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Paul J Gans wrote:-

David Bolt <blacklist-me@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Only "problem" I had was moving the 10.3 /boot so I could use it as the
11.1 /boot and have an xfs / . System triple-boots quite nicely,
although I still have the minor issue of selecting 10.3 bringing up the
old 10.3 grub rather than booting straight into 10.3 to sort out. That's
somewhere close to the bottom of my "I'll do it when it finally annoys
me enough" list.


While it didn't annoy me much, since I needed a reboot[0], I sorted it

I now get a double boot screen. If I choose the 64 bit version,
it boots. If I choose the 32 bit version it shows me the original
32 bit grub screen.

You'll probably have the same issue I had. Grub for 11.1 added the 10.3
using the same method to start Windows. Replacing the chainloader +1
with a valid kernel/initrd combination lets it boot straight into 10.3
without using the old grub.

It is on my "live with it" list at the moment, but if I get
around to solving it (i.e. messing with the entries in the
grub menu) I'll post my solution.

In my case, it was a simple case of copying the 11.1 kernel/initrd lines
and replacing the paths and kernel/initrd names with the 10.3 names.

All I have to do now is ensure that if I perform a kernel update in
10.3, I change the grub entries in 11.1's menu.lst before rebooting.

[0] The last of my three-monthly dust-bunny and fan cleaning times.
Shouldn't need to do them more frequently than yearly, once I get the
liquid cooling system installed.

David Bolt

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