Re: OpenSUSE 11.1 Permission Problems +1

Thomas Tootle <tomtootle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul J Gans wrote:
Thomas Tootle <tomtootle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I attempted this by doing chmod -c 777 90-hal.rules in the rules.d
directory but I still can't mount my thumbdrive as user.

I'm puzzled. Shouldn't the thumb drive automount?

Do you boot directly into runlevel 5 or do you go to runlevel 3

Hi Paul,
I go directly to runlevel 5 where I login at a GUI. They always
automounted before! But when I try to access the files I get a warning
sign. If I right click on it I get a menu with mount volume. When I
select that I'm dumped back to the desktop and get the warning sign.
Didn't have this trouble previously with openSUSE. Very secure. Even the
user can't get into it! Would appreciate a little less security so I
could use them. Will keep googling.

Hmm. I don't have 11.1 installed yet. And probably won't for
at least another week. I'll look for that behavior. And I
hope you get a solution before then!

--- Paul J. Gans