Re: Sorry SUSE: It's been fun, but...

On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 14:33:53 +0100, houghi typed this message:

noi ance wrote:
The point you and houghi seem to miss is that he never entered a line
of code during the design with customers process and when he finally
did enter the code it compiled clean the first compile, the first test
ran perfectly as to the specifications at the time.

Why does he need to run a test? And each and every time? I would say he
is lying or he is some sort of God able to read peoples mind. If he is
some sort of God, please ask him to write all the Linux code. I will
gladly pay him some amount and aI am sure many others will as well and
he wil become an extremely rich person.


Single function test to make sure his program produces all the results
using his test files, Integration tests to make sure output from others
programs work with his program, System tests to make sure real data works
with everyone's programs. Equivalent to starting the PulseAudio
application making sure Alsa, Esound, Xine, Mplayer sound events pass
through PulseAudio.