Re: Recommended Gnome version?

On Mon, 02 Mar 2009 15:55:07 +0100, DenverD <"spam.trap\\REMOVE \"at\"
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The registration process with Novell was a bit confusing. Having
bought SLED 10 preinstalled I'm not sure how much of a subscription I

having never actually done it, i GUESS you have something like a FREE
90 days of setup and getting started hand holding via the forum or,
maybe also via phone/email (i do not know)...

or whether they will contact me when they want payment.

heh! my guess is they will not miss a chance to prompt you to sign up
for an extended subscription..

I have something of a conundrum since on one hand I bought the laptop
to learn Linux, which is best done by solving problems. However I
would like to keep it relatively stable so I can actually use it to
try things out. Before I go to mad experimenting I'd like to build up
my confidence slowly.

i can't tell you how to do it here (well, i could but will not) but
it is VERY possible to have (for example) SLED and openSUSE 11.1
running on one box (each to be selected from the initial boot screen,
and run one at a time)...

however, it will take some time for you to learn how to do that and
NOT corrupt your stable SLED (involves partitioning, setting up the
boot selector (grub) and a few simple things like that...plenty of
help on that is probably available (and reliable) here or on the
forums for Novell and/or openSUSE...actually, most of that is taken
care of by the 11.1 install script *if* you pay attention and make
the correct option selections, at the right points during the install..

welcome...have fun.

ps: as you used 'conundrum' correctly, i guess you can read and
reason well enough to do it month. ;-)

Thanks DenverD for the advice and conundrum compliment! I had thought
about the dual boot option but again need to feel a lot more
comfortable with partitioning etc. I tried a while back to have
NT/Linux but just kept upsetting one or the other. I think if I was
to go two distros, I'd probably add Ubuntu as that seems to be gaining
in desktop popularity all the time.