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Paul E. Lehmann <plehmann_21716@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok, I know one can run the rescue system and login as "root". The question
is how does one reset the password if it does not accept the old password
that it asks you for in order to change the password?

When changing a password as root, it doesn't ASK for the old password,
it just puts in the new one.

Ok, this won't solve your problem when starting a rescue system ON
a ram disk, you would have to use the "original root partition" in
that rescue system.
I must admit I never done that on openSUSE yet, I know enough alternate
ways to do "what I want done" on the harddisk from a RAMdisk based
rescue system.

But in general the attack is: get into a rescue system where you
CAN become root, make whatever moifications you need to be done
on the harddisk, and reboot to the normal Linux again.

- do not know the root password so cannot login as root:
1. rescue system (RAMbased)
2. mount the "original root" somewhere
3. modify the line for "root" in the etc/shadow file
(either by removing the password alltogether or replacing
it with the ENcrypted version for a password you DO know,
your own non-priviled user ID is a good choice).
4. UNmount the root again (so that it is clean)
5. reboot the system (RAMbased means you don't have to shutdown,
there is nothing to be saved).
- other fatal errors:
1. first find out what/where to have to be on the disk to fix it,
2. points 1 and 2 from above
3. fix whatever needs to be fixed (e.g. run grub to fix the MBR
and continue from point 4 above
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