Re: wine not in 11.1??

darklight wrote:
polpak wrote:

Have been looking for wine in the YaST - Software Management thing,
now know why could not find it ;-)

Think I found the version to add to the YaST - Software Management
thing for SLED 10 sp2...
Oh nothing happened, it did not work

Trying to add:

oooh that worked, had to ok the accept things from it, and now it is
in the Services list... as a ZYPP Active.

Not showing anything to add, so hitting REFRESH.
Nothing happened

Open YaST
Open Software Management
look at Filter: Installation Sources
URL is present...
Looking in Secondary Filter: All Packages

OK can see a list of things.

fontforge = A font Editor
prelink = An ELF Prelinking Utility
unshield = A Program to Extract InstallShield Cabinet Files
unshield-devel = A program to extract InstallShield cabinet files.
wine = An MS Windows emulator
wine-devel = Files for wine development
wine-doors = An application designed to make installing windows
wine-snapshot = An MS Windows emulator
wine-snapshot-devel = files for wine development

Looking at : wine
Think will follow this advice before go any further...

Please have a look at /usr/share/doc/packages/wine/README.SuSE. There
is more documentation available in that directory. Read 'man wine' for
further information.

Appreciate tips/warnings before I proceed and really muck things
up.... like whether or how can go backwards if it goes all
horrible ;-)

have you considered using virtualbox

see caveat:
DenverD (Linux Counter 282315) via Thunderbird 3.0.1-1.1, KDE 3.5.7,
openSUSE Linux 10.3, #1 SMP i686 athlon