Re: Smart GUI - the worst program in existence

DenverD wrote:
using smart, no....i use zypper or yast..

next time give a hint which suse you run....i ask, because YaST on
10.3 is like a dream come true...try it..

I never had an issue using YaST on any version. So what is the reason
you specificaly talk about 10.3?

They have come a long way. Zypper is also great to use if just
installing and removing stuff, although I use OCICLI more often for

"Other than the fact Linux has a cool name, could someone explain why I should
use Linux over BSD? No. That's it. The cool name, that is. We worked very hard
on creating a name that would appeal to the majority of people, and it
certainly paid off [...] -- Linus Torvalds

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