Re: Update Suse through Yast?

Ulick Magee wrote:
With 11.1 it is very easy to add repo's like Packman.

But even sticking to just the openSUSE repos, the DVD doesn't include
*everything* that is available.

The DVD is only a certain size. It can not contain everything. That is
why there are repo's. And even then it does not contain everything. It
can't. I have scripts on my site that are on no distribution.

As this can be assumed to be true for every OS, I think saying 'it does
not have everything' is a moot point.

I personaly do not like this.

OK to see if hardware works. Or to repair your installed version if
something got messed up. Way too slow to do anything else with.

I rather use a USB key for that.

On 11.1 it needed to download quite a lot after installing, too.

No, it does not need to do that. It does that because it can, not
because it must.

I had burned a DVD of 11.1 when it was released, the DVD was good at
that time but it failed a media check when I tried it last week.
Unfortunately I'd already had to delete the .iso to save hard disk space
(space was very tight under 11.0 as my OSX partition was too large, I've
now shrunk it) so rather than download 4.5GB again I tried the live CD.

In future downloaded .isos will get copied to my backup drive :)

Remember that when you use the live CD and then the whole extra stuff,
it is less then the 4.2GB of the DVD.

Sure. But you can download the live CD, or DVD, in the background while
you do something else. If you need to download 2 or 3 GB of stuff during
the install over a 1mbit line (what I was on until 2 years ago) it will
take a very long time, and you can't work on your computer while this is
going on.

Sure you can. Just do the installation of the live CD and the update
when it is running. But hey, the reason for all the possibilaties is so
that each person has a choice. I just hope they have an official USB key
version for 10.2 this time.

Disks is so last century. :-D

Presumably you won't be able to use Packman's MPlayer in SUSE Studio due
to legal restrictions?

You presumed wrong. Not only can you put MPlayer in there, you can also
put libdvdcss in there. In fact, you can put in any and all software you
desire. You could place an illegal version of Office in there with
whatever you want.

You can add the standard repo's, including all those from the build
service, or add your own or upload your own software.

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